Seiko, Citizen And Other International Brands Settle In Suning Tesco

‘International Famous Brand’, ‘Direct Supply from Manufacturers’, and ‘Best-selling Products’. Today, the reporter learned from Suning Tesco Market Center that although less than a month from Suning Tesco’s open platform, There are more than 20 international manufacturer brands, accounting for 30% of the total number of brand flagship stores. At the beginning of next month, in order to fully meet the needs of the rapid development of the website, ‘de-electricalization’ has become one of the important contents of Suning Tesco’s strategic transformation. The vigorous introduction of department store product brands has also gradually formed the ‘high-quality direct sales’ model of the entire website. Watches are one of the key expansion categories of the website. The high-profile entry of flagship stores of many internationally renowned brands has made Suning Tesco gradually become one of the important online retail channels for internationally renowned brands to enter the Chinese online shopping market. According to Li Bin, Executive Vice President of Suning Tesco, by sharing Suning’s strong global supply chain resource advantages, Suning Tesco’s website has successively launched ‘Seiko, Citizen, Oriental Double Lions, Tissot, Innag, Plum Blossom, Swatch, ‘Coinworth, Glacier’ and dozens of well-known watch brands in Japan, Switzerland, France and other countries and regions, large-scale international well-known brand flagship stores collectively appeared, nearly a thousand fine watches, satisfying domestic netizens for international One-stop online shopping demand for brand-name watches.
It is understood that these products are directly supplied by the original brand manufacturer or the official authorized agent of the brand. In addition to enjoying the guarantee of Suning Tesco’s authoritative genuine products, consumers can enjoy any offline watch in the brand’s flagship store. All the after-sales rights of the brand physical store and the after-sales ‘UNPROFOR service’, with the official invoice and other valid certificates issued by Suning Tesco, you can go to all after-sales service outlets of the brand covering the country to perform watch firmness, maintenance, and cleaning services. .
According to the relevant person in charge of Citizen, the layout of China’s online retail market has become one of the important strategies for the major mid-to-high-end brands in the world to launch online shopping sales. The potential online shopping consumer market of more than 300 million netizens has made China’s online shopping market the world’s largest online shopping retail market. Citizen’s entry into Suning.com and the opening of China’s first officially authorized flagship store is the most important step taken by Citizen’s strong development of China’s online shopping market.
At present, Citizen has nearly one hundred after-sales service outlets in 30 provinces and cities in China. Any watch purchased by consumers at Suning E-Shop’s official Citizen flagship store can enjoy the warranty service provided by Citizen China.
According to the analysis of domestic economic and industry observer Liang Zhenpeng, while Suning Tesco transformed a comprehensive shopping website in a high-profile way, the subtlety is that it has launched three types of products, namely ‘brand’, ‘high-quality’, and ‘best-selling products’ on a large scale, making it available in While easily satisfying the consumer demand for general merchandise, it can also avoid the homogeneous competition of “selling goods without making money”.
With the continuous advancement of Suning Tesco’s “de-electricalization” strategy, the barriers established by Suning Tesco through a strong supply chain, capital chain, payment chain, and logistics chain have begun to take shape.

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