Sihh 2018: The Strongest Chronograph On The Surface A.Lange & Söhne Lange Triple Split

Only Lange can surpass Lange. In 2018 at SIHH, Lange released the latest Triple Split watch, which can compare multiple hours after Double Split, and is the world’s first mechanical chronograph chronograph with such a function. Additional tracking hands on the minute and clock dials allow it to stop stepped and reference times for up to 12 hours.

Triple Split is the only chronograph in the world that can measure up to 12 hours of extra and comparative time. Triple Split combines an accurate instantaneous jump-tracking integral dial and continuous time-tracking integrated dial to make the tracking function The measurement range is increased by 24 times. This also makes watch functions more diversified and more enjoyable. With this in mind, Triple Split can be used to compare the time of two opponents in a Formula One, Tour de France, or Marathon, and it can also record continuous activities such as the outbound and return periods of long-haul flights. In addition, this watch can be added with more than multiple hours, such as the time period of each Ironman event. During the additional timing, you can stop one or more segment timings at will.

In a limited edition of 100 Triple Splits, all three pairs of chronograph hands have a flyback function. Therefore, during the measurement process, you can reset and restart the chronograph code by pressing the timer button. In standby mode, the corresponding pair of chronograph center second hand, integrating dial and integrated time dial hand will overlap each other. After the measurement is started, the hands will run simultaneously. The middle time will not stop until you press the push-button. The three stopped blue-steel hands show the split chronograph, while the seconds, integral and hour dial hands continue to run and measure the total time. Press the chase button a second time, and the three paused hands will catch up and synchronize with the hands that continue to measure and run.

The newly developed watch factory’s self-made L132.1 movement is completely different from Double Split’s L001.1 movement. The position of the power reserve indicator is set below the face plate, which provides more display space for the upper needle-tracing time plate. Despite the increased functionality, engineers can also cleverly integrate additional components into the movement, and the case size does not need to be increased compared to Double Split. Through the sapphire crystal case back, the wearer can repeatedly see the complexity of the chronograph movement that meets Lange’s highest standards, as well as the carefully arranged interaction of gears, levers, hairsprings, clutches and jumping devices.

Triple Split

18K white gold material / L132.1 manual winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / three-track flyback chronograph / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / diameter 43.2mm / limited to 100

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