Smart World Time With Destination Knowing Time

Most of the top hand brands will have their own world time watches. Cartier, which has become a high-end watch maker, how can it be an exception? The biggest highlight of this watch is that it displays multiple information at a time in a limited space in a unique way: in addition to the local time display that can distinguish day and night and the time display of 24 different time zone cities, it also has three breakthrough designs: The 24 city names are displayed on the outside of the case, and can tell you the time difference between local time and different time, as well as winter and summer time display. Don’t think that there is a lot of information and the operation is very troublesome. In fact, the opposite is true. This watch is very convenient to use.
When you are outside, you only need to press the 2-point button, the city display in the left window of the case will change by one space, and the central hour hand on the dial will jump to the next hour. The place name appears, and the central hour hand adjusts itself to the local time. In other words, we don’t need to know the time difference or destination time in advance, and then slowly adjust it by ourselves, as long as we know where to go. Cartier abandoned the dial and switched to a window in order to keep the dial intact. In addition, there are two other benefits. The space made by the dial can remind you exactly what the time difference between your location and the departure place; and the city window is also convenient to take into account the summer and winter time display at the same time, according to the pattern representing winter and summer Just find your destination.
In the early years, such functions as ‘world time’ and ‘two places’ were only the fields involved in a few watch brands. However, with the advancement of technology, people’s requirements for watches have become higher and higher. World time watches have been improved back and forth between this shore and other places, and their special functions have been interpreted more and more delicate and interesting.
Although world time is inextricably linked with people’s lives, for most people, even if they are not familiar with the time difference between places, they have little impact on their lives. But if you are a business person who needs to accurately grasp the time in different time zones, or a romantic person who likes to travel in different places, World Time watches have reasons to be your intimate carry-on. It is also in line with the increasing popularity of cross-border travel. Driven by market demand, World Time watches are being developed and developed by more and more brands in the form of exclusive patents.
World Time Master Louis Cottier
Although the standard of world time was formulated uniformly, it was not until the early 1930s that what we call today the world time watch appeared, and its inventor was the genius watchmaker Louis Cottier. According to some available information, Swiss watchmakers have been trying to make clocks that can display the local time of different cities. The earliest one was a double-sided pocket watch made in 1780. The back of the watch indicates Time in 53 different places.
Heures Universelles (HU), the world time zone watch mechanism invented by Louis Cottier in 1935, can be said to be a pioneer. Since then, most of the world time watch creations will use this as a reference or reference. As you can see in the design manuscript of Louis Cottier, his design uses the small central hour and minute hands to indicate the local time. In addition, the outer circle or dial of the watch is engraved with the names of different time zones, countries and cities in the world. The inner circle It is paired with a 24-hour inner circle of time to display the time in different world time zones at the same time.
The biggest difference between Louis Cottier’s HU mechanism and the previous world time zone pocket watch is that its local time and world time zone time are displayed on the same side of the watch, instead of having to be set on both sides of the watch. Some of the earliest watch factories that made World Time, including Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Rolex, adopted this concept of World Time by Louis Cottier, and finally (1959) this patent was owned by Patek Philippe and obtained exclusive rights.

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