Which Watch Do You Wear To Go To The Golden Horse Feast?

The 53rd Taiwan Film Golden Horse Awards Ceremony has come to an end. The competition for various awards is fierce, and the results of the awards also bring many surprises. This year’s best feature film was bestowed on ‘August’ which tells ordinary stories, and ‘August’ young actor Kong Weiyi, who was only 10 years old, also won the best new actor award. Last year’s film actress Feng Xiaogang won the Golden Horse trophy again this year with ‘I’m Not Pan Jinlian’ and won the best director award. This year’s film actress was won by Fan Wei for ‘No Problem’. After the film was unexpectedly obtained by the two heroines of ‘July and An Sheng’, Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun together.

   The Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award is a film award hosted by the Taiwan region. It was founded in 1962. It was mainly to promote Taiwan’s film production business and praise filmmakers who have made outstanding contributions to Chinese film culture. The Golden Horse Awards are held once a year, and this year is already the 53rd year of the Golden Horse Awards. Nowadays, the ‘Golden Horse Award’ of the ‘Year to Half a Hundred Years’ is not only associated with the Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award, the Hong Kong Film Golden Award, and is also known as the three major awards of Chinese film.
   The star-studded ‘Golden Horse May 3rd’ ceremony was jointly created by Piaget, the famous Swiss watch brand that has been promoting the arts and film industry for many years, and the Golden Horse Executive Committee. Piaget not only sponsored the American Independent Spirit Film Awards, but also served as the theme sponsor of the Hong Kong Film Awards. This year is also the fourth year of the Golden Horse Awards.

   In 2013, the fiftieth Golden Horse Awards left a lot of talked topics for the audience. The best male actor Li Xuejian’s selling cuteness and Huang Bo’s wit response to Zheng Yuling all impressed the Golden Horse Awards. This year is also the first time that Piaget won the Golden Horse Awards. In addition to shining red carpets with gorgeous jewellery watches and stars attending the Golden Horse Awards, for the first time, a special ‘Piaget’ awarded to ‘Best Original Script’ The Annual Award of Excellence has been passed down to the present, and it is intended to encourage outstanding film creative talents and reward more and better scripts.

   Following the successful closing of the ‘Golden Horse 50’ in 2013, the earl was once again the chief cheer of the 51st Golden Horse Awards in 2014. This year’s most impressive thing should be Chen Jianbin who won the film actress with ‘One Spoon’. At the same time, he won two awards for Best New Director and Best Supporting Actor in ‘A Paradise in the Army’ for this movie. Three big prizes. On the evening of the ‘Golden Horse May Day’ ceremony, he wore the Piaget Emperador rose gold watch. The retro-looking rectangular dial was simple and generous, which perfectly set off Chen Jianbin’s precipitation and transformation as a filmmaker.

   The ‘Golden Horse May 2nd’ Ceremony is the third year in which the Earl and the Golden Horse Awards are hand in hand. This year’s Chinese film works can be described as colorful. Hou Xiaoxian took three best directors of ‘Assassin Nie Yinniang’ and won the Outstanding Taiwanese Film Worker of the Year. ‘Assassin Nie Yinniang’ was nominated 11 times and won the best film; Director Feng Xiaogang, who was the first male lead, relied on the film ‘Old Cannon’ She won the title of film emperor in one fell swoop; Jia Zhangke’s ‘Old Man from the River’ won the best original screenplay award and the audience voted for the best film. Among them, Hou Xiaoxian and Jia Zhangke wore Piaget Altiplano G0A29113 ultra-thin watch and Piaget Altiplano 900P G0A39111 watch respectively to participate in the theme filming of ‘film studio’. Both watches are 18K white gold case, 38mm diameter, with manual winding movement and crocodile leather strap. The generous and restrained watch design reflects the two directors’ understated and deep artists.

   The ‘Golden Horse Glory Moment’ shooting plan was conceived and implemented by the Earl and the Golden Horse Executive Committee. Since the fiftieth Golden Horse Awards, each year has left a charming appearance for the directors and protagonists of the Golden Horse Awards, recording the glorious moments of important moments in the Chinese film industry. moment. This year is no exception. Fan Wei, who is regarded as a well-known film emperor, wears Piaget Altiplano G0A29112 ultra-thin watch to participate in the shooting. This watch has the same dial color as the Piaget watch worn by Hou Xiaoxian in the filming last year, presenting an atmosphere of calm style, as we saw at the awards ceremony. This low-key and moderate film emperor has no hype, but only countless good and impressive characters, making people feel at ease. Piaget’s Altiplano ultra-thin watch is also reliable and comfortable to wear.

   Looking back at the four years that Earl and Jinma have traveled together, it seems like a perfect fit. Piaget’s 140-year insistence on craftsmanship and aesthetics has always carried out the brand spirit of ‘Always do better than required’. Even as the years passed, the count’s insistence on watchmaking traditions remained unwavering. This coincides with the artistic spirit of filmmakers paying tribute to history and traditional works, while also advancing new ideas, while constantly improving every piece of work. Both are synonymous with the spirit of the artist, and look forward to working together again next year.

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